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Body structure and serum concentration of adiponectin and cytokines (IL-6, -10 and TNF-α) in rheumatoid arthritis combined with obesity

AbstractIn the study the comparative assessment of the main markers of body structure and serum concentrations of adiponectin and cytokines (IL-6, TNF-α, IL-10) has been carried out in 26 rheumatoid arthritis patients at a normal body mass index (BMI) [Ме; 25; 75 percentile = 24,1 (23,5; 28,6)] and in 15 obese patients [BMI = 33,4 (31,3; 42,7)]. The control group consisted of 25 apparently healthy individuals [BMI = 23,5 (21,8; 24,4)] randomized by sex and age with the main group. The expressed increase of production of pro-inflammatory cytokines – TNF-α and IL-6 in both groups has been established, in the group of patients with obesity serum concentration of these cytokines 1,8–2,4 fold exceeded similar in group with a normal BMI and amounted 245,3 (89,3; 302,3) and 54,4 (18,4; 72,3) pg/ml correspondingly. Anti-inflammatory cytokine IL10 increased more significantly at normal BMI [227,2 (143,4; 282,3) pg/ml)] in comparison with group of rheumatoid arthritis patients with obesity [122,2 (89,3; 164,3) pg/ml] while in control group its content was 60,8 (24,3; 75,4) pg/ml. It has been shown that serum concentration of adiponectin was higher in group with normal BMI [9,2 (6,3; 15,3) mcg/ml] and was lower in patients with obesity [3,2 (2,3; 8,3) mcg/ml] than in healthy subjects [7,4 (4,4; 9,2) mcg/ml]. The analysis of the body structure markers demonstrate that fatty tissue content increase both in patients with normal BMI (1,7 fold) and at obesity (2,6 fold).

Keywords:rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, cytokines, adiponectin

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