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1 . 2021

Metabolic characteristics, nutritional status and behavior factors in people with obesity, working at industrial plant


An obesity is the topical problem worldwide, because excessive weight is the reason of metabolic changes that lead to development of serious chronic non-communicable diseases.

The examination was aimed to assess clinical and metabolic health, nutritional status and behavior risk factors of obesity in people, working at the industrial plant.

Material and methods. In 348 workers of the industrial plant (210 males, 138 females) examination was performed including anthropometry: body mass index (BMI), waist and hip circumferences and their ratio, blood pressure level detection, laboratory blood tests (glucose and cholesterol levels), and questionnaire on nutritional habits and physical activity. All examined were divided in three groups depending on BMI: 1st group -151 (43.3%) persons with normal body mass, 2ndgroup - 125 (36%) working people with overweight and3rdgroup - 72 (20.7%) people with obesity.

Results. More than half of examined workers (mostly females) had overweight or obesity with predominantly abdominal type of fat distribution and I degree. Arterial hypertension was diagnosed in 41% of all working people (predominantly I degree), more frequently observed in obese (62.5%) and in males (45%). Each fourth man and woman had elevated total cholesterol level, which increased depending on BMI raise. Postprandial hyperglycemia was observed in 5.5% of cases, with the same frequency in both genders, predominantly in obesity. A significant part of responded with obesity, especially females, confirmed, that the reasons of excessive weight were stresses and somatic diseases (37%), and they preferred chocolate from confectionery. It was noted a correlation of BMI with egg consumption in males and with the consumption frequency of nuts, seeds and chocolate in females. Physical activity less than 3 times a month or never was observed in most of responded workers with overweight and obesity (73%), especially in males, as well as in females during the last month before the survey (57%).

Conclusion. Preventive examination detected not only high prevalence of abdominal obesity, arterial hypertension and fat metabolism disturbances in people, working at the industrial plant, but also allowed to detect the most significant alimentary and behavioral risk factors of obesity.

Keywords:overweight, obesity, alimentary and behavior factors, consumption, metabolic characteristics

Funding. The study was not sponsored.

Conflict of interests. The authors declare no conflicts of interest.

Contribution. Concept and design of the study - Solovyeva A.V., Krasnenkov V.L.; collection of material - Kirilenko N.P., Koroleva O.M.; creation of a database - Lyasnikova M.B., Milaya N.O.; statistical processing - Tsvetkova I.G.; writing the text - Milaya N.O., Belyakova N.A.; editing -Belyakova N.A., Kirilenko N.P.

For citation: Belyakova N.A., Kirilenko N.P., Koroleva O.M., Lyasnikova M.B., Tsvetkova I.G., Milaya N.O., Solovyeva A.V., Krasnenkov V.L. Metabolic characteristics, nutritional status and behavior factors in people with obesity, working at industrial plant. Voprosy pitaniia [Problems of Nutrition]. 2021; 90 (1): 40-8. DOI: (in Russian)


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