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Scientific rationale for the use of vitamins in the prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. Report 2. Vitamin deficit as a factor complicating the course disease and reducing the efficiency of medical and prophylaxis measures

Vitamin insufficiency disrupting metabolism, enhances the course of any disease and hinders successful treatment. In this connection the treatment of any patient should include a correction of the existing polyvitaminic deficiency and maintain of optimal provision by all micronutrients. Using vitamins in the treatment of primary avitaminosis, correction of secondary metabolism and function of vitamins, as well as medicamental therapy and various restrictions in a diet is undisputed. Congenital genetically defects in the metabolism and function of vitamins form a special group of diseases that require high doses of vitamins and its parenteral injection.
Hygiene of nutrition

Assessment of the impact of GMO of plant origin on rat progeny development in 3 generations

The publication presents the results of assessment of impact of genetically modified (GM) maize Liberty Link® on prenatal and postnatal development of progeny of 3 generations of Wistar rats. A total of 630 adult animals and 2837 pups were used in the experiment. The animals were divided into 5 groups which got the diets with inclusion of maize: the animals of the experimental group got the diet with the GM-maize, animals of the control group – with near isogenic conventional analogue of the GM-maize, animals of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reference groups – conventional varieties of maize «ROSS 144 MV», «ROSS 197 MV», «Dokuchayevskaya 250 MV» respectively. The maize was included in the diet at maximum possible level not violating the balance of basic nutrients. Analysis of the data obtained during the study did not reveal any impact of GM-maize on rat progeny development.

Sanitary-and-epidemiologic examination of the food-products

Some aspects of sanitary and epidemiologic examination of food products are considered. The examination is an important part of sanitary and epidemiologic control and surveillance in the sphere of food safety and quality, consumer rights protection, consumer market and human welfare.

Petrifilm – up-to-date tests for microbiological control of food products, raw materials and environmental objects

The principle of action, advantages and different types of Petrifilm as alternative test to the classical microbiological analysis are considered. Petrifilm is up-to-date high technology test systems for the rapid quantitative microbiological control in foodstuff of sanitarysignificant and pathogenic microorganisms – yeast and moulds, coliforms, Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus, Listeria spp. and Lactobacilli spp. Automatic testing of colonies on Petrifilm with use of the Petrifilm-Reader allows to reduce time for colony counting, to exclude errors of personnel and to document results of the analysis.
Diet treatment

Dietotherapy of patients with anorexia nervosa and eating disorders in inpatient clinic

Оценивали пищевой статус больных с нервной анорексией. Были определены клинико-метаболические показатели, основной обмен (с помощью метода непрямой калориметрии), состав тела (с использованием биоимпедансометрии). Разработан алгоритм диетотерапии больных, страдающих нервной анорексией. В зависимости от степени выраженности клинико-метаболических расстройств предложено 3 варианта рационов с различными энергетической ценностью и химическим составом. У большинства больных проведенное комплексное лечение способствовало улучшению общего и психоэмоционального состояния, нормализации аппетита, стабилизации массы тела и нормализации клинико-метаболических показателей.

Influence of a diet with the heightened protein on clinical characteristics of workers of the chemical enterprise with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer

Research of influence of differentiated dietary therapy in a complex with antiulcer actions on dynamics of return development of clinical displays of disease at 117 patiens with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, working on the chemical enterprise is studied. There are objective data testifying that at purpose of a diet with the increased quantity of fiber, results in essentially improve treatment of disease, especially in groups of the patients who treated during work and were exposed to combined action of connections of nitrogen and organic solvents.

Risk and prophylaxis acute pancreatitis while enteral tube feeding in patients operated for destructive cholecystitis

Determined by risk and method of prophylaxis of acute pancreatitis in the postoperative enteral tube feeding in patients with destructive cholecystitis, analyzed levels of α-amylase in blood serum and clinical manifestations of acute pancreatitis in 135 operated patients. It was established that the use of nasoduodenal access is more likely to cause the elevated level of serum amylase (p<0,05) and more incidence of sings of acute pancreatitis in contrast to nasoduodenal tube placement. For the prevention of acute pancreatitis with enteral tube feeding is preferred mode designed using nasoduodenal access.
Biologically active food supplements

The practice of using biologically active food supplements in foreign countries (for example of the United States of America)

The traffic analysis of biologically active food supplements on market in the United States of America is given. Existing law of the United States of America governing traffic of these supplements is indicated.

Application of food supplement, of a duilder-rose for prevention of stressful disturbance of physiological and biochemical characteristics of erythrocytes

In the article results of researches of influence of food supplement allocated of a guelder-rose (Viburnum sargentii Koehne) on structural and phisiological characteristics of erythrocytes are presented to blood of the doctors-surgeons who are exposed during of the working day to complex stressful influence (psychologic-emotional, chemical, intensity of labour process, etc.). It is shown that preventive application a polyphenolic complex from a guelderrose promoted restoration of average volume and diameter of erythrocytes, normalization of a parity of quantitative structure of neutral lipids and phospholipids, to preservation of permeability of membranes. The food supplement allocated of a guelder-rose can be used in a treatment and prophylactic feed.
Nutrition of sportsmеn

The role of nutritional factors in intensive physical activities of sportsmen

The analysis on the role of major nutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) in a diet of sportsmen is adduced. Requirements for nutrients depend on the volume and intensity of physical exertion during training and competition, not only on the qualifications of sportsmen.

Actual nutrition and physical state of athletes of the national sleigh team of Russia

An assessment of actual nutrition and physical fitness of athletes of the Russian national sleigh team are presented, and the need to develop for them the individual well-balanced diet that will reimburse the amount of consumed energy and nutrients and help athletes to obtain high results.
Anthropometry in internal medicine and nutritional management

Новые принципы доставки блюд в лечебные отделения


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