The following order of peer-reviewing of the manuscripts is accepted at the Editorial Board of the journal "Problems of Nutrition" (“Voprosy pitaniia” in Russian):

1. Every manuscript incoming to the editorial board is registered and conferred the individual reference number. The information about the manuscript accept by the Editorial Board (with reference number indication) is to be sent to the article’s authors by e-mail.

2. The manuscript drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the journal is discussed at the next meeting of the Editorial Board, after which it is passed to peer-reviewing. The manuscript may be passed to peer-viewing on the resolution of the Editor-in-Chief as well. Reviewers (no less than two) are selected from the bulk of the leading specialists by the profile of the given work.

3. If the manuscript fails to comply with the requirements of the Editorial Board (see the section “For Authors”), it is rejected without reviewing.

4. The manuscript goes double-blind peer review. The reviewers work with the manuscript on the basis of confidentiality of the material strictly keeping the author’s right to avoid disclosure of the article information before its publication. Additional experts may be involved in the work with the Editorial Board’s permission on the basis of confidentiality as well. The time for the review drawing is set on the agreement with the reviewer, but it should not exceed 4 weeks.

5. The reviewers ensure objective, independent, critical assessment of the work. The review should reveal the actuality and range of academic novelty of the research, estimate correspondence of the article to the journal’s profile, also reflecting the style and literacy of the material outlay.

6. In case of the negative review the author of the article is provided with a well grounded answer by e-mail – why the material cannot be published in the journal. On the author’s request he may be provided by brief comments of the reviewers as well.

7. In case the inconspicuous editorial notes take place the manuscript is returned to the author for revision alongside with the questions of the reviewers and with the offer to represent the manuscript to the Editors for reconsideration.

8. In some instances the Editorial Board may send the manuscript to additional reviewing, including statistical and methodological reviewing.

9. In case the positive reviews are received the manuscript is sent to the screening to Editorial Board and Executive Secretary of the journal for the decision about publication of the material in one of the earliest issues of the journal. As a rule, the order of priorities is hold correlating with the time of the manuscript submission. After the Editorial Board’s decision about publication of the article the Executive Secretary informs the author about the matter indicating the issuance date (journal number).

10. Confidentiality of the correspondence is kept to the full extent. All the manuscripts and letters kept in the archive and other sections of the journal are available for reading only for their authors, the Editorial Board members and reviewers. The reviews are kept in the journal for 5 years.

11. On receipt of the enquiry the Editors direct the copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

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Viktor A. Tutelyan
Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Scientific Director of the Federal Research Centre of Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety (Moscow, Russia)
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